5 of the best small dump trailers to use for smaller jobs around the house

If you are a truck owner, there is a good chance you have heard about dump trailers. As the name suggests, dump trailers are small trailers that you can hook up to a truck and use it to transport materials. For example, if you need to transport sand but all of it cannot fit behind your pick-up truck, a small dump trailer might come in handy. Today, there are many brands for small dump trailers, which can make it difficult to choose the best one. However, if you know how to choose the best small dump trailers you can get value for your buck. The truth is that buying the best small dump trailers doesn't come cheap. To avoid spending your hard earned money on the wrong dump trailer, it is important you do your research. Some people say that it is cheaper to rent a dump trailer than to buy one. This is especially true if you don't always have materials to carry at home.
However, if you are always transporting materials at home, it is wise to invest in one of the best small dump trailers available in the market today. Here are a few things you need to look at before buying the best small dump trailers. First is the warranty of the dump trailer. That is, how long is the product you are about to buy covered by the manufacturer? Most manufacturers have one year warranty on their dump trailers. However, some manufacturers of the best small dump trailers can offer up to three years warranty. Whether you choose to buy a new or second-hand dump trailer, make sure it comes with a warranty. The second thing to consider is the number of gates. Most dump trailers only have one gate that you can use for loading and unloading materials. It is advisable you look for a dump trailer with two gates. This will make it easier for you to unload materials from the trailer.
The third thing to look out for is the hydraulics. Dump trailers with scissor lift hydraulics are more preferred because they are stronger compared to single ram hydraulics. However, dump trailers with single ram hydraulics are considered the best to buy because they are cheaper. Before purchasing one, look at how the single ram hydraulics are positioned beneath the trailer. It is better you go for a dump trailer with a ram which is positioned at an angle and not horizontally. This will give it enough strength to push out the materials from the back of the trailer. The final thing to check is whether the dump trailer has a ramp. If you will be transporting heavy materials, you need to be sure the trailer has a ramp for easy loading and offloading. Here are the best small dump trailers available in the market today.
1. PJ Dump Trailer
Photo courtesy of www.pjtrailers.com
When it comes to the best dump trailers, it's hard to find a list without PJ Dump Trailer featuring on it. This is a big brand that has made a name for itself thanks to the great benefits and features it has to offer to consumers. The PJ 7 x 14 low-pro dump trailer has heavy duty 10 gauge floors and sides. Unlike other manufacturers who use light gauge materials in the construction of floors and sides, PJ does not compromise on the quality of materials used for floors and sides. The heavy-duty gauge sides and floors ensure there is no warping or deformation of the floor. Another impressive feature is the two-way gate and barn door. This feature is useful for the seamless flow of materials such as sand or gravel. Other features that make this dump trailer stand out from its competitors include ramps, scissor hoist, and visual appeal.
2. Big Tex 10 LX
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Big Tex Trailer has one of the largest selection of dump trailers available countrywide. From this company, you can choose small models of dump trailers that you can use to transport simple materials. Or go for monster trailers that can carry and dump over 20,000 pounds of materials. One of the best small dump trailers from Big Tex is the 10 LX. This is a medium duty dump trailer that is well equipped to carry materials at home. It features the hydraulic scissor lift which gives it the power to lift heavy loads. In addition, it has D rings that are used for strapping cargo in the dump trailer. With a loading capacity of 6320 pounds, the Big Tex LX is a great choice for carrying medium loads around your farm.
3. Bri Mar DT610LP Dump Trailer
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Bri Mar is a trailer maker that boasts of coming up with dump trailers which are durable and of high quality. Going by what consumers are saying, it is safe to say that when you purchase dump trailers from this company you will get value for your money. The DT610LP Dump Trailer from Bri Mar is a popular choice thanks to its impressive features. The 10 gauge steel bed floor and powder coat finish make it durable to withstand any load of your choice. The radial tires make the trailer produce less vibration and use fuel economically. Because of the less heat generated by the tire, the tires can last for long. Other features include full-length tarp rail, self-adjusting electric brakes, and 4' hydraulic cylinder.
4. Load Trail Dump Trailer 60' x 10'
Photo courtesy https://www.sacvalleytrailers.com
The 2018 Load Trail Dump Trailer 60' x 10' is like no other. This dump trailer comes with unique features which makes it stand out from the rest. If you always wanted a dump trailer that has more than one gate, then look no further than the 2018 Load Trail Dump Trailer. It has a three-way gate which makes it super easy to unload materials from the trailer. The scissor hoist feature makes it stable and powerful to lift and lower cargo. Unlike incandescent lights, the LED lighting used on this dump trailer last for longer and are brighter. With 4 D rings available, you can secure your load without any problem.
5. Bragg Light Duty Damp Trailer
Photo courtesy of https://www.texasbraggtrailers.com
Since it was founded back in 1977, Texas Bragg Trailers has been quality trailers that are dependable and work ready. This reputable company has been making all sort of trailers from dump trailers to single axle trailers. The Bragg Light Duty Dump Trailer is one of a kind trailer that puts more emphasis on design and quality. This dump trailer features the electric over hydraulic & scissor hoist for lifting and lowering of cargos. The other feature of the Bragg Light Duty Damp Trailer is the sealed wiring harness which helps to protect the wiring from dirt, corrosion, and water. Other features include double rear doors, white spoke wheels, and lockable box for battery and hydraulic pump.
These are the best small dump trailers available in the market today. You can compare the features and benefits of each dump trailer and choose the one that best suits your needs. Our promise is that you won't be disappointed when you invest in one of these five best small dump trailers.

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