Home Depot utility trailers vs Lowes utility trailers who will win

Whether you’re looking to move utility vehicles, heavy items, or livestock- no other equipment can match efficiency and feasibility of utility trailers. These trailers are open and they offer ample space for hauling your lawn tools and managing the scraps. Additionally, you can also use them for loading debris, clearing the trash or simply for towing. Most of these trailers are available between 4 feet to 20 feet, and you can always choose your preferred size according to the specificity of your requirements.

But very often, even before you choose a trailer, you’re posed with the big question of brand. Yes. While trailers are available almost everywhere, it is really important to splurge on a branded product to ensure its efficiency and feasibility. In terms of brand, both Home Depot and Lowes stand as close competitors for their high quality trailers and affordable price. But how will you know, which among the two is worth your money? So in case you’re planning to buy a trailer and are completely befuddled with your choices, here’s a short review of the top rated utility trailers from both Lowes and Home Depot. Read through the following sections, for a better grasp on the features, tweaks and functionalities of trailers from both the brands.

Home Depot Utility Trailer Reviews

Home Depot Trailers are best known for their compact sizes and functional features. In this section, we’ve reviewed two top rated products from Home Depot, that’ll make it easier for you to compare it with Lowes.

Detail K2 1639 Lb Trailers

If you’re looking for trailers that are unique, versatile and incredible functional- this product from Detail K2 will surely make the cut. The trailer isn’t merely sturdy, but it also comes at a height of 12 ft. Yes, the height is 12 ft even when you’ve put down both its load bearing gates. Each part of the trailer is perfectly reinforced, and you can adjust, interchange or remove it as and when you need. We were pretty impressed by the tires as well, which ranged from 5.3 to 12 inches. The overall load range of 6 P.R and the maximum load capacity at 1080 lbs is around 80 PSI cold. In addition to all these features, the trailer is also highway rated. This means, you can use a fully loaded Detail K2 trailer on the highway. That being said, if you’re using the highway, ensure the recommended speed of 60 mph. The overall features seem pretty good, and we’d definitely recommend this for people who require extensive loading/unloading operations for longer periods.

Karavan 2237 Lb Fully Loaded Trailer

If you’re looking for a trailer that looks sleek and also manages heavy weights- this 2237 Lb fully loaded Trailer from Karavan will make the cut. This trailer comes with a pivoting front rail along with compact side rail systems, which too can be locked with latches. In addition to this, you can also load pallets from each side of this trailer with a simple function. All you have to do is lower the side rails to get your job done. This system is pretty good and it automatically ensures longer and wider amounts of loads.

Other features that managed to grab our attention is the integrated A-frame that comes with an in-built jack stand and a lube equipped maintenance system that lets you change the hub grease in as less as a couple of minutes. The finish of the product too is pretty good with its powder coated technology. The Karavan trailer comes with an industry-standard 2 inches hitch that comes well-coated with safety cables. These cables are further backed by the self-coiling feature. Finally, yet another feature that grabbed our attention is the steel tube that comes robot welded with a sturdy frame that consistently protects the wiring.

Lowes Utility Trailer Reviews

When it comes to utility trailers, Lowes isn’t lagging behind either. Their trailers too are compact, easy to operate and incredibly sturdy. Almost all the utility trailers listed on Lowes, have amassed rave ratings from customers. So whether you’re buying trailers for the first time, or happen to be pretty experienced with the job, Lowes is one platform that you can surely count on. In case you’re struggling to pick the best trailers from Lowes, here’s a quick sneak peek on two of the best rated trailers from their portal.

6 Ft X 4 Ft Wire Mesh Utility Trailer

This trailer from Lowes Utility is a value for money product with its functional features and sleek structure. The trailer tows well along the open highway, and the efficiency is unharmed even if you carry it fully loaded. Although the top rails don’t come with proper triangulation along the tailgates, it’ll definitely serve your purpose for shorter operations. Available in a payload capacity of 1700 lbs, the trailer also comes with twelve tires, each of which measure around 990 lbs. The overall product will match your durability concerns as well, since it is made and manufactured in the US.

Among other notable features, we were really impressed with the position of the ramp gate which allowed easy loading. That being said, you cannot store this trailer outside, because the paint might be damaged during extreme weather conditions. The overall features seem fine to me, and going by its weight and capacity, this trailer is surely worth a shot.

Carry On 5 Ft X 10 Ft Lumbar Utility Trailer

With a payload capacity of 1300 lbs, this Carry on Lumbar Utility trailer is surely one of the best trailers listed on Lowes. The trailer comes with a payload capacity of around 1300 lbs and tire size of 13 inches. This doesn’t merely aid in easier transport, but also helps you to easily load and unload your stuff. The product also comes backed by two A-frame couplers with strong safety chains. Additionally, it also has leaf and three-in channel tongues for better support. The top wind jack of the trailer is around 2000 lb rated and it comes with an idler angle. Additionally, it also boasts treated wooden floors along with 30-in fenders along the bank. Like the other product, this one too is made in the US and is surely a high-value product.

Final Thoughts

While trailers from both the brands seem pretty decent, the ones from Home Depot are relatively cheaper than the ones from Lowes. Similarly, the trailers from Lowes have a Mesh or Lumbar wall, which is not available in the Home Depot variants. So explore your options carefully and choose the trailer that best fits your needs.

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