Tractor Supply utility trailers vs Rural King utility trailers see who we choose as our favorite

When we talk about a tractor or a truck, we usually do not see it in isolation many of them are pulling some kind of trailer.  Basically there are two types of trailers, open trailer and enclosed trainers. They come in different sizes and are useful for hauling things. They could be useful for moving different types of household and other items. You also can use them for hauling recreational vehicles. Transporting livestock is also another common reason for use of these trailers. You also could use for towing cars and other vehicles. You could have a big pileup of trash and debris and these trailers could be very useful for such purposes.


However, if you look around, you could come across many different types and brands of tractor trailers. In this article, we will be looking at some reviews on tractor supply utility trailers and also Rural King Utility Trailers. Both of the models of trailers are unique in their own ways and therefore it would be interesting to understand the features of both the trailers. We will then decide as to which, according to us is a better buy.


Rural King Utility Trailers


If you are looking for high quality and large sized tractor trailers with very big weight bearing capacity and size, then you have many reasons to have a closer look at the Rural King Utility Trailers. However, they are priced higher than standard trailers but the value for money which you could get out of them is worth mention. Let us try and have a closer look at the various features which could make it interesting reading for prospective customers.


Main Features


It certainly is made for hauling higher capacities and therefore it can easily haul 2000 pounds and comes with a gross weight of 3500 lbs. Additionally, it also has a unique 3 inches channel A-frame Tongue which helps to attach the trailer firmly to the tractor. The 3 inch x 2 inch x 3/16 inch angle main frame is quite sturdy on which the entire trailer rests. There are a number of other important features and the same are being shared hereunder:


  • The 2-3/8 inches pipe top rail is again unique of its kind.

  • The 3-leaf springs ensure that the tires and rims stay in place when the trailer is moving on rough roads in full capacity.

  • The wood floor has been treated properly and therefore could be good enough to withstand moisture and attacks from bacteria and other microorganisms.

  • The rear ramp gate is 63 inches wide and 49 inches in height.

  • The empty weight is around 950 lbs

  • It comes with an overall pay load capacity of 2040 lbs which is significantly higher than other smaller sized utility trailers.

  • The overall length and width of the trailer is 168 inches and 85 inches respectively.

  • It comes in a ready to use condition and therefore not much of installation and building is necessary.

  • The overall deck length is 120 inches in length and 60 inches in width respectively.

  • It comes with a damage or defect warranty of 30 days on receipt.

  • It comes with a price tag of $1299 and this is understandable given the fact that it has a much higher hauling capacity.

  • The title, plate and documentation costs are not part of the above pricing.

  • It can be used for livestock, rubbish removal, moving of harvested crops and much more

  • Hence it is unique as far as functionalities are concerned.


Tractor Supply Utility Trailers

Let us now spend some time looking up the various features and specifications of tractor supply utility trailers. There are many reviews on Tractor Supply Utility Trailers and most of them are also quite upbeat about its performances. We will try and analyze the most important features that are worth mention. Many customers believe that this trailer will go a long way in efficient movement of weight because of its sizes and other attributes. The following bits of information we are sure will help us to make a comparison between the two and come out with the right buying decision.


Main Features


  • The size of the coupler is 1-7/8 inches which is standard according to many users.

  • It comes with a payload capacity of 1675 lbs.

  • The tires are 12 inches and may be good enough to handle soft soils and handle turns and curves efficiently and safely. The tires come with a rating of 1,100 pounds.

  • The ramp gate is situated in the rear and is 3 feet in size. The gate cannot be removed but it can be set

  • The empty weight is 400 lbs.

  • The mesh type floor is also liked by many.

  • The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is around 2000 lbs.

  • The outer length is 129 inches and the outer width is 79 inches.

  • The bed length is 96 inches and the width is 60 inches.

  • The unit is priced at around $700.00

  • It comes in a ready to use condition and no installation is required once it is purchased.

  • On the whole there are reasons to believe that it could be a good buy and offer decent value for money.


Which Is Better


Both the above brands of utility tiers are unique and have their own pros and cons. At the end of the day, the onus lies on the customers to choose the one which meets their requirements. If you are looking for a trailer with a higher storage capacity, it makes sense to go in for Rural King Utility Trailers. As the name suggests, the trailers are king sized. On the other hand if you are looking for something that is compact and something that offer the best value for money, then we certainly would put our money on the Tractor Supply Utility Trailers. They are priced much lower at $700 and therefore could be useful for those who are looking for something that does not make a big hole in the pocket. Though they are designed to accommodate lower weights, in all other parameters the Tractor Supply Utility Trailer is perhaps a much better choice.

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