We dive into the Malone Auto Racks 2 Boat Ultimate Angler Trailer

The Malone Auto Racks 2 Boat Ultimate Angler Trailer is the perfect option if you’re looking to invest in a top boat trailer with a friend, or fellow boat lover. It has everything you’d need to conduct a successful kayaking trip, and we’d expect nothing less from Malone, one of the best boat trailer brands on the market. This includes 2 sets of bunks to hold 2 kayaks, 2 tier load bars, 1 spare tire, 1 wire storage draw, and 2 telescoping fishing rod storage tubes.

Other features included on this boat trailer include:
· A marine grade galvanized steel frame with 86 inch steel load bars that allows the trailer to transport boats up to 19ft in length.

· A 2 inch class two hitch with lift handle and jack stand

· 4 pin electrical conductor

· DOT-approved lighting and tires

· A five-year warranty.

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