We review the Multi-sport Multi rack kayak trailer

The Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer is an outstanding alternative to overloading your roof or rear rack, with the ability to hold various different items for all sorts out of outdoor activities. It may not look big enough, but be reassured that this small-but-mighty boat trailer can carry up to 6 bicycles on top, and 4 kayaks on the bottom, making it a valid contender on our list of the top boat trailers. It’s perfect for families, youth groups or other groups of boat enthusiasts looking for an efficient way of transferring outdoor activity equipment.

Other features that this boat trailer includes are:
· 64 inch crossbars that support all roof rack accessories from major companies including Yakama and Thule.

· Relatively easy to assemble, even by those who don’t understand trailers

· DOT-approved lighting

· Light-weight with easy loading abilities

· More gas efficient than using a roof rack

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